Tompkins Drive opening for Chris Young 7-23-2017

2017 has brought some of the best times for the Tompkins Drive team… Without a doubt, this is another one. First and foremost, thank you to all our fans, friends and family… if it were not for y’all we would not have been given some of these incredible opportunities. ? Thank you so much Chris Young and your team for giving us the opportunity to open for you… also a very special thank you to FROGGY 97 & DPAO Concerts for giving local bands the opportunity to be part of a great event… ? TY, TY, TY to Sara Walrath, Elizabeth Russell, Debby Mahoney-Fleming, Brandi, Joshua Hanrahan, Rick Korzec, Alex Schmidt, Shanny Fanny, Tim Fleming and Deb, you all are just amazing! No words can describe how much we appreciate what you all do for the TDB ?